Connecting portable speakers to audio receiver?

Mar 30, 2018
Hi. I have a bose sound link revolve plus Bluetooth portable speaker. And I am looking to add it to my home theater receiver. I have a Bic subwoofer hooked up to it.
My question is that would it be possible to connect the Bose speakers to the receiver using an aux cable or splitting the aux to rca cables, and having music played in succession with the subwoofer?
Thank you.
What do you expect to use the single bose speaker for if you already have 5.1 speakers connected to the receiver?
If your mystery receiver has a variable analog audio output (or Zone 2 out) you could connect it to the Bose aux input.
You could use a speaker to line level converter to connect as an additional surround speaker I suppose.
The only option to using the Bose with that receiver is to connect a speaker to line level converter to the front speaker terminals of the receiver. That can connect to a bluetooth transmitter. Set the receiver to stereo or multichannel stereo mode.
If you want the Bose to play without the other speakers you would need to add a speaker selector so you could choose either the front speakers or the transmitter.
If you only want the Bose to play with one source you could connect a bluetooth transmitter to the source instead of the receiver.
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