Consistenly dropping fps question


Jan 24, 2012
I have a lenovo y570, and am a occasional gamer. When i just got the laptop, games ran extremely smooth for no matter how much a play them, but recently, i've noticed a pattern with no matter what i play - from league of legends to battlefield 3: Games start off with high FPS, but it drops as i play more. Something else that is weird is that after i alt-tab for a couple of minutes and go back to the game, my FPS returns to its nomal high, but quickly drops down after some play.

I have cleaned up my hardrive space, optimized CPU (it never really goes above 50%), so i;m wondering what the problem is. I might guess that temperature is the reason, but my amateur question is how big a impact temperature has on FPS performance, as my FPS starts at 60 and consistently drops to a unplayable level.

I want to ask about temperature because i'm really cautious about opening up my relatively new laptop to clean up its fan. There's a dedusting feature on my laptop that blows the fan, but that's not going to cut it, is it?


Aug 18, 2010
My guess is it's a heat issue. The longer you play, the hotter it gets, the components start throtteling because of thermal limits. Clean the air vents and use a cooling pad!

Also check for new drivers @the lenovo webpage.