Continuous reboot issues


Jul 7, 2014
Ok so i'll start with my laptop specs:

Alienware M15x
Intel i5 2.5
8 gigs ram
nvidia M260
windows 7 home premium

Ok I'm not logged able to see the specs, but those are fairly accurate, minus the video card. So i'm trying to get it to boot and the computer powers on, the lights and fans can be heard spinning up. It gets to the point where I get the alienware logo and it shuts down and begins to reboot. I've tried going into the bios and it still shuts down. I am unable to get it to stay running for any length of time to try and get anywhere with it.

I've tried pulling the RAM out and testing the slots and sticks, but it still shuts down. I've removed the battery and starting it with just the AC adapter, but same results. Tried running with just the battery and again, same results.

I'm beginning to think that the mobo is fried, but since I don't have the option of buying a new laptop I was hoping to get some help here. I would like to give the whole specs of the computer, but I can not get it to stay running long enough to get anywhere with it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully someone can assist me with this issue.


Jun 25, 2014

You should try to open the case and see if there is no dust clogging the fans/radiators. Next step is to remove the processor heatsink and to change the thermal paste between CPU and the cooler. You should do the same with the GPU cooler. Just be very careful not to break anything (do not overtight the screws) and do not lose the thermal pads. If still no boot, you should check the CPU/RAM/GPU in another laptop (though I don't think the GPU is compatible with other laptops than Alienware).


Jul 24, 2009
If you have nothing on the laptop you can live without, try a factory reset

The M15x uses a program called Dell Datasafe Local Backup for factory restores. You can access this program from launching the application from within Windows (it is on the Start Menu), or by using the F8 Windows Boot Options menu. Press F8 after the iniital POST screen (Alien Face), but before you see the Windows logo on the screen. There should be an option to repair Windows, which will launch you into a recovery mode that allows you to restore the system.

If that doesn't work, you have to talk to Dell.
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