cost vs PERFORMANCE - MSI gs-81 titan


Nov 30, 2011
TLDR- is cost vs performance of the gs81 worth making the purchase

So, I've been shopping around for a while deciding on which gaming laptop I would like to get, and have landed on the gs-81 titan made by msi. I'm a trucker living on the road, which is my reasoning behind wanting a gaming laptop instead of a desktop, and the high price associated with it. I want something with future proofing which the titan has in the former of upgradeable gfx, and the mechanical keyboard is a huge bonus for me. I don't care too much about storage or battery life or how noisy it is or dimensions or basically anything besides raw gaming power. I've seen another couple of models in the mid 2000's that I've been considering, but if I'm going to spend several thousand anyways, I want the best and don't mind paying for it. My question is, is it worth paying that extra 1k to get a titan? Will I see that extra money in the former of performance? Are there any models that come close enough to this model in terms of gaming power to justify paying less