Couldn't boot up my laptop


Jun 21, 2016
So recently my laptop hard drive performing a bit worse than usual, its reading data slower and a bit unresponsive, then today i played cs:go, but my lost rate is high, so i decided to turn it off as i also forgot to check why i only have 4gb of ram meanwhile i have 8gb, then after i fix the problem with one of the ram that not plugged in properly, i boot up my laptop again, then there is nothing show up on the screen, i see the hard drive light(the light that usually on the corner with some other light) only turn on then turn off again, i tried to clean dust and unplug the plug it back, nothing happened, the weird thing is, the hard drive itself working as when i touch there is vibration, and some kind of cracking sound(i dont know what is that called), and i think there is no any kind of problem with other part as it working properly always as usual or maybe the hard drive dying? could someone pls help me?

Acer 4752G -- 4 years old now
-i3-2350M 2.3ghz
-Kingston hyperx (4GBx2) 1600mhz(running at 1333mhz at my laptop as it only support 1333mhz)
-nvidia geforce 610m 1gb
-wd caviar blue 5400rpm 640gb hdd
-windows 10 pro insider 64-bit


Aug 29, 2011

This is probably the clue to what is going on... the RAM module that was not detected may have issues and you need to test the computer to know which module is not working correctly so you can remove it and see if the computer stabilizes... then run Memtest86+ and if the module checks ok, next exchange the ram module and if you get it to show display, also test that ram module with Memtest86+

To get the computer running properly:
1. Check that the RAM modules are seated properly in the sockets...
2. Test the computer with one RAM module on each RAM socket, and next test the other module on each RAM socket.
3. If you manage to get the display working, run Memtest86+ on each RAM module
Download from the *NEW!* link to run Memtest from a USB pendive.


Hi there nvincent_08,

That is really unpleasant. :(

What happens when you take out the HDD? Does the crackling sound stop? In case it does, then there could be something wrong with the drive. You can attach it to another system and see if it would be accessible. In case it is, you better back up the data stored on it and test it with WD's DLG tool (both short and extended tests) afterwards:

Also, you can try using just a single RAM stick.

Let us know how this goes,
D_Know_WD :)