Couple questions regarding my home audio system


Nov 29, 2011
Hi there,

So i have a couple questions about my home audio setup. I have been searching the internet for hours trying to find the answers but couldnt find any. Before i ask, ill fill you in on the equipment i have. I got the original system from my parents so it is kind of old. It includes a receiver and 2 tower speakers. The tower speakers have 4 speakers in each (2 little for high frequency and 2 for low). Would i consider either of the 2 low speakers to be a subwoofer? Next, how would i figure out how many channels my receiver is? Assuming a speaker terminal is the positive and negative terminal, my receiver has 2 total speaker terminals. Also in regards to home audio, when a surround sound system is 5.1, what do these numbers mean? What is this number label called? and what would my surround sound system be labeled without the addition of the equipment i mention below?

I also have 4 other speakers (2 pairs). My next question is, with both of the orignial speakers hooked occupying both of the speaker terminals of my receiver, how would i hookup these 2 other pairs of speakers to my system? From what ive read, it isnt good to parallel 2 speakers to 1 speaker terminal of a receiver. But, on the back of the 2 original tower speakers there is a pos and neg terminal that i can hook and unhook speaker wire. If it is bad if i would parallel speakers to my terminal, what would happen if i would hookup a pair of speakers to the back of the tower speakers? Would it be bad for the tower? How would the sound be affected?

Finally, i also got a subwoofer from a friend. Im not sure what a receiver that has a subwoofer channel's terminal would look like, but im assuming that my receiver doesnt have one. If so, is it possible for me to somehow still hookup the subwoofer to my system?.

So my ultimate goal would be to have all 6 speakers and the subwoofer all working and sounding great. With the information i have given, my final question is is my ultimate goal even possible? If so, how do i make it happen?

I know this is a large post but i am quite confused right now and am hoping somebody out there has some advice for me. If any additional information is required of me please ask. I have bolded all my questions.

Again i have a receiver, a pair of speaker towers, 2 other pairs of speakers and a subwoofer


You cannot hook up so many speakers to one amplifier, it will overheat.
This is a job for multiple channels, more than left and right. There are 5 channel amplifiers, etc, for hooking up this many speakers all at once.
The hookup of a subwoofer depends on the type of subwoofer. There are two basic types, but you did not say what you have.
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