Question CPU temperature abnormally high - 100 degrees while gaming

Sep 4, 2021
Hey! So basically my laptop for a few months now is running at this temperature, and I haven't experienced too many problems, however I'm feeling the urge to get it repaired.

I own a Alienware Area-51m with the specs:

RTX 2080
32GB of RAM
Around 1.5TB of storage

The laptop is performing really well, BUT in some games it performs worse than my friend's PC with worse specs. However I'm mostly worried about the temperature, it is very high and I'm becoming really stressed at this point. Around 50-60 degrees while the PC is fully idle and nearly no apps running (meaning I'm AFK), 80-90 degrees while surfing the web and having discord on and around 95-100 degrees while gaming (e.g Fortnite). Additionally, while running a BIOS scan the system found 1 error: "1 or more thermal sensors out of range". The fans on the BACK of the laptop seem to not really work as I don't feel any air coming out of it - basically there is only one fan running, and that's on the bottom.

Obviously, this is very very high and I'm really worried - looking to schedule a trip to Dell to fix this. Until then, any tips on how to make it better? Should I even be turning on my PC until the fix? Please help.
You need to return this to Dell if it is still under warranty. Running at 100 C is the absolute max temp for this CPU as specified by Intel. An I9 consumes a LOT of power(not to mention the GPU). There should be a lot of heat being exhausted. The hotter the CPU runs, the shorter its life. If it was mine, I would not let it run so hot for long.
Sep 4, 2021
Yep, it's still in warranty. One more thing, I've got 2 chargers with it, one has 180W other one has 330W adding up to 510, however when I try turning my PC on, it says "Alert! The PC cannot recognize the amount of Watts going into the PC! Try to connect a 510W+ charger for the best performance"

Testing the fans now


Aug 25, 2021
You can check for fan speed while gaming, See if RPM increase with the demand. I believe you have cooling issues with Laptop. Since some games need more power and create more head but your Fans don't spin to maintain the optimal temp.

Note: Try not to pass the temp of 95+C or it might damage the system and you won't be able to claim warranty.