Question Cutting the cord, switching to streaming - little help?

Mar 2, 2019
Hello everyone!,
I'm looking for the thoughts of the community ...
A friend of mine is fed up with her high cable bill (more than $200/month) and is ready to switch to streaming. She recently picked up and set up a new Roku Express+, but when going through set up, of some of the apps/channels, it asked for verification of service.
My main question is, since she has not shut off her cable service yet (but will obviously keep the internet service from the same provider so that she can run the Roku), IF she signs up for one of the LIVE TV streaming services, aka, DirecTVNow, YouTubeTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling, Fubu, and then goes to add an app and watch content, does the streaming service now become her "provider" and will enable her to login and verify service?
Basically does the new, live, streaming service become her new provider?
I don't want to give false advice and just say that it does since I have an internet provider with one company and DirecTV to watch TV on. I use my Roku as a "companion" to DTV when I watch ESPN+ and other networks.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much!
No it doesn't.
If she subscribes to a streaming service she can only get those channels that they offer through that service. Any additional channels would have their own app and not go through the streaming service.
Many channels offer the option to stream only to users that already pay for the channel through their cable or sat provider or pay a monthly charge to access only that channel. So for instance if you already have HBO on cable you can access HBO online if you enter your cable user name and password. If you don't have a provider you can pay HBO monthly just for HBO.
Make a list of the channels that she wants to watch and find the streaming service that has as many of them as possible. She may need more than one service.
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