Deals or Duds: The Best and Worst Deals of the Holidays


Here on the Tom’s Community, we love technology. We also love deals! And what better way to get a bargain than to score big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?


Not all deals are created equally. We’re not only looking for the best, but we’re also here to find the absolute worst sales this holiday season. We want to know your best and worst finds while shopping. Share your thoughts on the stuff you find and whether or not you’d label it as a Deal or as a Dud.

To start, here are a few nominations for the Best and Worst Deals our Staff Members have found.

From Caitlin:
The Best
LG 70-inch Smart TV
Original Price: $1,499.99
Sale Price: 996.99
Found on: Amazon
That’s almost a 500 dollar difference. If I had room for a 70-inch TV, I’d be very tempted to get one.

The Worst
XBox One 1TB Console
Original Price: $499.99
Sale Price: $464.95
Found on: Amazon
A 35 dollar difference? You have got to be kidding me.

From Bill:
The Worst
6-pack of Nvidia 1060 GTX drivers
Going for: $2,999.99
Found on: Wal-Mart
But why?

From Joe:
The Best
Google Home Hub
Going for: $149.00
Found on: BestBuy
We’re going to buy this on Black Friday, since the in-store models will most likely be on sale.

From Josh:
Acer Predator Gaming Monitor
Original Price: $1,099.99
Sale Price: $699.99
Found on: B&H
Saving almost 500 dollars on a good gaming monitor? Sign me up.

Have you come across any good deals while browsing? How about terrible deals? Let us know! Be sure to add a source and how much it's on sale for when you share them on the forum.