Dedicated mid/ mid-bass Cabinet Design


Oct 22, 2013
So for a lot of the veterans here, I'm sure you've had this argument 1,000,000 times.

"bass reflex, sealed, TL, whats the best etc."

But I have a more specific questions. I have a pair of subs that do just fine from around 300-22hz. I also have digital crossovers and DSP. So in my newest build I will be using 4 different drivers and 4 different bands. One of these bands will be in a region between 200hz-1200hz. Now in my experience, driver characteristics dominate the SPL curves and distortion profiles in this region, but i had an idea.

What if i use a high compliance driver and seal it in a box tuned to have a resonance and f3 1.5-2 octaves away from the crossover point? Most cabinet design aims to control the tonality, gain, and extension in the region near or below Fs, but what if i wasn't even trying to go that low. Is it possible to use the air spring effect to create a linear restoring force at higher frequencies? And does it even matter? I could not hunt down anything on the subject since everytime i look at cabinet design data it focuses on the characteristics of low bass.