Dell Laptop 8 beep


Oct 27, 2016
Today i turned mydell vostro 3350 laptop on and was greeted with a distorted screen followed by 8 beeps. which then stops and then it beens again 8 times continously in a loop. i have realised that the 8 beeps mean there is a lcd issue.

i have so far attempted the power and pressing d method. the screen flashed green, red but then goes back to a distorted screen.

i have attempted to connect via hdmi port and have been able to succesfully logon and use the laptop on my external monitor. (however, the laptop still gently beeps)

i have ran a dell support assist using stress mode and it passes all tests.

would this be an issue with the lcd screen or another related issue such as a graphics card etc?

i have attempted to boot into f12 to run further tests howver, i cannot get any display through the hdmi port.

any suggestions on fixing this issue or tips are much appreciated.
The beep code confirms the LCD is the issue, not the graphical output (CPU, GPU etc).

As for getting display via HDMI consistently, enter into the OS and disable to screen (ie only have your secondary monitor as the only 'display' rather than mirroring or extending the desktop), reboot & see if you can run further tests (or even get a display).

Really, your only option though (given the beep code) is to replace the screen or connectors - wherever the problem is.