Dell P 670 slow with Avid & Premiere applications

Captain Surf

Jul 26, 2012
Hello, I have a Dell P670 on W7 (recently upgraded to 2x 3.8 Ghz CPU, 10 gb mem, Nvidia Quadro FX 1800 with 768mb) and when using Avid 5.5.2 I find it's particularly slow on importing and exporting media, as well as conversing media in Adobe Premiere. It may be the fact that a recent concert-project is being done with fairly exotic HD stuff (NTSC AVC), but that can't be it totally I think.. Any ideas? New install? Change some settings?

TIA and best regards,

Are you using a separate (scratch) disk for your video files? If not, it's a good idea to keep the files on a different disk from your OS and editing software. What version of Premiere are you using? If I am not mistaken the CS5 versions and up take advantage of the CUDA technology on NVIDIA cards. You have to make sure the setting under Project, Project Settings, General, Hardware Acceleration is set to "Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA)" and not "Mercury Playback Engine Software Only".

This link tells more about the video cards: