Dell stuck after reset! Help please


Oct 24, 2016
Hi. I apologize as this is going to be a long post. So, here goes-

I bought my Inspiron mini early in 2013. I don't use it much..been using it on and off last two years. The laptop got a bit slow but it dint bother me. Later I updated it to windows 10 thinking it might speed it up but no use.
Two days ago, I reset my laptop and chose " Keep my files" option but the reset dint happen. Then I chose the " remove everything option" with "remove everything and clean the drive" option and it resetted. Then I got a page with choose an option written with three options-
1. Continue with Windows 10
2. Troubleshoot
3. Restart my PC

I chose the first option and it restarted. The Dell logo came and after that it's blank screen! I shut it down and switched it on again and it's the same thing!! It's been two days.. I tried everything in the troubleshooting option too but no result!
Can anyone help me out? Please?


Question from lilyash : "Dell laptop stuck after reset! Help please"