Dell XPS 15 2015 Full HD vs 4K, limited options.


Feb 15, 2009
Hello everyone, i'm want to buy a new laptop. I want it for personal use, and a little of everything (mostly everyday use non professional, and casual gaming) as it's going to be my main computer cause i don't have spce for a desktop PC at my new place.

I was waiting for the new Dell XPS 15 2015 with infinity display. Good battery, design DDR 4, good display. 960m i'm not an expert but I think should be enough.

I've decided to buy the fullHD version, not the touch 4k one.
But my problem is that in Spain there are only 4 options:

Just one with FullHD display, but only available with i5-6300HQ (3,2 GHz), 8GbRam and the worst thing for me I think it has the 56 W/h battery. (1500€)

The touch ones and 4k UHD, are starting at 1900€, with 16Gb ram and the i7-6700HQ (3,5 GHz), and with the 84 K/h battery.

My ideal one would be the i7-16gb-84k/h batt, but with the non-touch FullHD display, but it's not possible in my country. (buying in other countries is not easy because of the spanish keyboard)

I don't know what of these two buy, i don't like spending that 400€ overprice for something I don't want and even with the better battery I think the 4k display make that battery lasts similar to the non touch one.
¿It's worth making the effort to buy the expensive one?
I don't think Dell will change this options in the next months.

I'm also considering new options, and I can even wait a little, but I don't know competitors for this PC.

Thank you very much, sorry for this long post.

As best as I have been able to tell, the "different" keyboards are just different paint markings on the keys. If you go to Windows's control panel and change the keyboard to Spanish, it' should work just like a Spanish keyboard even if the paint on the keys is for a UK or FR or DE keyboard.

There are sometimes small physical differences (e.g. the EU keyboards use the "tall" double-height Enter key while U.S. keyboards use the short Enter key with the \ above it). But as long as the keys are physically the same (except the paint), I'm pretty sure you can just change the keyboard type in software and it'll work like a Spanish keyboard. Test that with some foreign keyboards and if I'm right, you can buy the laptop from another EU country.

The only problem you'll have is if you can't touch type and have to look at the keys when typing. And even then you should be able to buy stickers to place on top of the keys from eBay.
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