Question Dell XPS screen goes blank after boot up


Oct 1, 2015
I have a Dell XPS 9350, service tag . Suddenly while traveling on a long international flight, the screen went dark. I just couldnt figure it out. Further it went into a boot loop with start up repair. I thouught that the windows was corrupted. Using the Dell repair media also didnt work and it refused to do a Windows reinstall. Said that proper disk volume not found. In desperation I formatted the C drive and then installed windows in Legacy mode with a starndard Windows 10 USB stick. Sadly to state that after full installation and loading drivers, the original problem of screen going dark reappeared. It does however boot into safe mode.
I did the following:
I updated the bios. Then I did a fresh install of windows and it looked good for awhile. I installed the network driver and connected to the internet. I created a restore point as well. I watched again for some time. Then it somehow itself found a device, made that sound that windows makes when a device is detected, and bam, the display went blank. I did the video screen test of Power +D and all colors flashed normally. I went into safe mode and restored windows back to the previous restore point and display worked for some time and then bam again, device detected and screen goes blank. I connect to an external monitor and it works fine. I am writing on that monitor now. I have updated all drivers from the Dell site after having my machine being auto detected and that doesn't help either. I opened up the back, disconnected battery and held power button down for sometime, still doesn't help. What now? I love this laptop and want it badly to get going again.
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