Solved! Disabling Shop (Store) Demo Mode on my Denon DHTS516H Soundbar

Jul 2, 2021
Hi guys,

I've recently bought this soundbar and I noticed that once I set it up via the HEOS app that the volume did not work on my tv remote, the actual app, and the volume buttons on the side of the bar. It also keeps switching from HDMI ARC to Optical. Looked in the manual and to reset the bar you have to press and hold the connect and Bluetooth buttons on the back till it turns amber which it does not do. I have gone back to the shop and the guy has told me it's in demo mode hence why it's switching from HDMI to optical and the volume doesn't work properly yet he didn't know how to switch it off! Anyway, he has figured out that if you press the volume down and mute button together the light on the front went amber so I decided to take it home and try again but it's still doing the same as before.

Just a heads up, everything is done via the HEOS app.

So in a nutshell how do I turn off demo mode as I don't want to take it back as I got it at a really good price.

Thanks in advance.
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