Do I need a laptop if I already have a desktop?


Apr 7, 2012
So here's the situation. I'm in 10th grade and already have a very good desktop PC. Recently I've been wondering if I should spend money on buying a new laptop or just save it for later. The laptop would be cheap (in particular this one). I would use it for things like MS Office, web surfing, movie viewing, and VERY light gaming (i.e. maybe Minecraft and browser based games). I've been looking for a sub $400 laptop that could do this and last around 2-3 years and this one looks pretty good. If I do need a laptop, would this be ok?


I would save the money and plan on getting a nice new laptop later at the time (if) you are going to college, by then they will be better and cheaper so best to wait until you need it.
I generally don't think you will need a laptop until you go to college for schoolwork.

Based on what I've read and on some people's experience schools generally do not require current students to bring a laptop to school because the curriculum is not designed for it to be a necessity. However, new students enrolling in the schools like high school freshmen would be encouraged to get a laptop because the their curriculum would be signed to take advantage of a laptop. When they go onto to be sophomores, then the sophomore classes will be designed to have a curriculum that also takes advantage of laptops. It will be these new students would general benefit having a laptop as they progress through high school. Older students like you would would have curriculums that do not need a laptop. The year after you graduate, those original freshmen would now be seniors and so the entire school would then have a curriculum based around a laptop.

Going digital can actually happen at a much younger age. Back in 2009 a former co-worker of mine said he needed to buy an iPad for his daughter in 1st grade because it was mandatory as all assignments and homework would be distributed / submitted via e-mail and all textbooks were replaced by ebooks. This is in one of the more affluent towns in Connecticut.



Nov 19, 2013
solid no bro, just wait and save later spent big ,like when u start u r higher studies and u have to stay in hostel u will need a laptop that u can game with .u will need at least 1000$ to get something to game with :)