Does anyone have issues with the AMD 18.8.2 driver?


Aug 21, 2015
So my computer (HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 15-br0xx) stopped running any graphically intensive applications (Dirt 3 and My Summer Car) and I got the error Application mysummercar.ex has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware. After removing my Intel Graphics Driver and AMD Graphics Driver 18.8.2 (it has switchable graphics) with DDU, and trying to reinstall the AMD Driver 18.8.2, it kept failing to install, which was odd as I used the same driver package prior. I redownloaded the same driver as it was the latest driver and it also failed to install. I removed the improperly installed driver and I installed the 18.8.1 driver from AMD as I had that downloaded that previously which worked flawlessly. So my question is this, has anyone had issues with this particular driver. The graphics card in my laptop is a Radeon 530 2 GB DDR3 (Yes, there is a GDDR5 model)
For your driver, the Intel Graphics driver needs to be reinstalled first if you haven't already done that. Switchable graphics designs usually rely on the primary display adapter driver to be loaded before the discrete display driver can be installed.

Not sure what's causing the game to be blocked, some say the drivers need to be updated (I would update the Intel one, too).