Question Dummy seeks help ,android default browser, data usage,

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Jun 18, 2020
Need help in understanding an android phone,android browser, data usage.

I am DUMMY when it comes to Smartphones. I have an android Moto G4 Play. Only after problems arose can I even phrase the question.

One question is about the default browser of any android phone and its data usage, Is “Android System web view” a browser.? And if so, how do I make it my default.
I used to have Mint plan 3 GB data and data usage worked ok, I guess . I cannot, however, recall that I googled with Mint in Chrome. I was somehow always on the Google of the android , hence the question is there a Android default browser on the phone Android Web View ? Perhaps . I might have even have disabled Chrome back then.

I had been using sim cards for internet usage on a laptop in a European country. I have a pretty good idea of how much 3 GB of internet is although I felt in Europe I had more time on it. I was new to the Smart phone, so I did not think about data usage too much, when I was using Mint Plan . I switched recently to the Red pocket plan. That very day something changed drastically.
Within just 13 days of that plan I had used up 2.2 GB of my data merely by being on the internet 10-15 minutes per day . That is roughly 3 hours total . There were no emails , maybe total 10 messages, no music, no video,.
According to a google search, 3 GB should give me roughly 36 hours internet on a smartphone , my own experience in another country with using a sim card on a laptop was just that or even more time.
So what happened.
Red Pocket claims I used the data. But how ? I checked my apps and installed ( new to me “ Glasswire).

First I saw, that I googled in “Chrome”, which I think, I did not do before. I do not remember my default browser then . Now I cannot even open a link, if I disable Chrome . Chrome uses more data, but it still does not explain my high usage. None of the apps explain it, I do not have many apps to begin with.. I am quite sure , I did not use Chrome before, as I never saw the green Http on the search line . But now I have nothing else to set as default. Also I cannot even change the default, it is grayed out
.Does the android OS not come with its own browser?
Glasswire, the app, is confusing to me. On one page, they say I have used 2.2 GB total ( in accordance with my plan summary) and on another page, they say I used only 498MB the rest of data is unused . I do not know what is going on . Extrapolated, 3GB come on Red Pocket gives me 4 hours of internet usage per month . That is an absolute joke. My personal feeling is, this has to do with the provider. Is it possible, that by installing this provider things got changed on my phone? I did make a long international call, which should have been part of my unlimited call plan with red pocket.

Who has a tip for me?
Chrome is your web browser, it's made by Google and it's the default browser in Android. But you said this is in a laptop correct, or a phone? Could be Windows updates, you would want those disabled on a metered plan. What you are using is a bit hard to sort out, you mention smartphones then say you have been using sim card in a laptop.

Data usage can be hard to track unless you are the ISP that sees it all go through, background downloads and checks for application updates use data. Check over the details of the Glasswire app, there are several sections on it for apps, traffic and usage.

I would also ask the service provider if they have a list of what was actually using your data, to what connection.
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