Easiest way to connect a powered subwoofer to factory car stereo - possibly through Aux port?

Apr 29, 2018
Anyone have any legitimate experience installing powered subwoofers into existing factory car stereo? I wasn’t interested in throwing down bags of cash for a fancy system - just wanted a simple, cheap, basic addition to my car stereo to get a little extra bass - bought a cheapie 10” dual sub w/enclosed amp from Wal Mart because it looked like a simple DIY install with minimal working parts, and I quickly realized that these aren’t as simple as home audio, not even close. Hoping there is some way to do it through the Aux port or something without tearing the car apart. I have a 2007 Acura MDX, 3.5 mm aux port in center console, and everything in it is factory original and want to keep it that way aside from the addition of the sub. Thanks!
That AUX port is an input to your radio - a way to plug eg your phone or MP3 player and listen thru the car radio. For your sub-woofers, you need an output from your radio. Whether it has it or not, you wont' know unless you dig in (or find service documentation for your car).

If I was you, I would post this question to some Acura / Honda car forum.
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