Excel Formula Help


Jan 21, 2011
So Im trying to figure out the syntax for this formula but cant seem to get it right.

I have a multi column Spreadsheet, The relevant columns are Column A which has just months (January, February etc) and column C has company names. What the users is looking for is a formula that will look at column A for all the February entries and then look at column C for company. For all the rows that have both February and Acme give a count.

So if there are 3 Februaries and 3 acme it will return 3. Im having troubles running this against entire columns... Any help would be much appreciated.
If text in F1 = values in Col A AND text in F2 = values in Col C, count.

=COUNTIFS(A:A, F1,C:C, F2). Here, in D8.


In this case, rows 4 & 5.

The range "A:A" looks at the whole of Col A.