External gpu help for laptop


Aug 3, 2017
I’m gonna state I’m not sure about anything with eGPUs.
I have an acer laptop;

Acer Aspire F 15
Core i5-6200U
Intel hd graphics 520
8GB ddr4 ram
4-cell Li-ion battery

I have an integrated graphics card and want to have higher graphics. I have looked at many websites regarding eGPUs and it’s all very confusing. Mainly the connecting up.
What eGPU would you guys recommend I get for this laptop? How do I go about connecting it up to my actual laptop?
How much is this gonna set me back in costs?
Is my laptop even compatible? I don’t know how I can tell whether it is compatibile or not.
Or is my graphics card integrated, am I able to just upgrade the graphics card right in the machine?
Can you buy integrated graphics cards and then o could just replace it? Really not sure.
Sorry for sooo many questions. Thank you whoever for your time, it is greatly appreciated!!


There are two way to attached an external GPU to a laptop. The current and most convenient way to do so is with a eGPU dock that connects to the laptop with a Thunderbolt port. Your laptop does not have this type of port. Thunderbolt ports are typically in more expensive laptops that generally costs at least $1,000; but not all expensive laptops will have it.

The second way is as described above. A PCIe dock that connects to the mini-PCIe port of your laptop. Most laptops only has one mini-PCIe port and it is occupied by the WiFi card. Below is such a product; the V8.0 EXP GDC. It is definitely not an elegant solution, but it should work as long as the mini-PCIe connector can sit in the mini-PCIe port of your laptop. The
EXP GDC is not compatible with all laptops.


The link has a video that shows you how to set it up. You basically need the following:

- A monitor
- A power suuply
- A graphics card


Sep 3, 2013
1st of all u cant replace either the integrated gpu or dedicated on this laptop.so if u need a new gpu,then u need a new laptop.there is tonnes of tutorials on how to set up egpu on youtube.u basically needs the egpu itself(usually will take the pcie slot for your wireless adapter).the low voltage i5 on your laptop would be a bottleneck to high end cards so a midrange card is your best bet.the egpu adapter itseft wont cost that much,depending on model.however u still need a desktop psu,a graphic card and a monitor to run the egpu.
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