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Nov 26, 2019
I want to fit an external gpu to my asus fx705dy becuaee of its poor performance, I just want to know how do you find out which gpu are compatible with my laptop?
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Nov 26, 2019
The GPU is not the problem, but the egpu interface. How do you wanna connect it?

You will need a GPU and an external power source with a connector to the laptop.
Your laptop doesn´t have a thunderbolt 3 connection, so you will have to disassemble the laptop and remove the WIFI card to plug in an adapter like:
Yes I wanted to just buy an external egpu to plug straight in but found out I don't have an thunderbolt 3 connection, so the only other way I found out to upgrade the gpu is by using gdc beast and then I found out which connectors I need to fit the beast to my laptop , I'm just unsure on which gpu would work with my laptop and also I'm unsure on the power supply I need as well, I was looking at a AMD RX 590 but have nice clue if my bios would accept it
eGPUs are always try and error projects, usually it will work, but you will have to try yourself.

For this GPU you should get at least a 300Watt PSU. Be sure you will get an egpu adapter that has two 8Pin power connectors for this RX590.

The GDC beast only provides one with adapter, which is not recommended by me. On some sites I found compatibility lists for the GDC adapter, which only list nvidia cards like:
GTX650 \ GTX660 \ GTX670 \ GTX750 \ GTX760 \ GTX770 \ GTX950 \ GTX960 \ GTX970 \ GTX980 \ GTX1060 \ GTX1070 \ GTX1080
Nov 26, 2019
Now you've mentioned it most examples i've seen of an external gpu have all used only the nvidia cards so I'll guess I'll try the gtx1070 then, would you still recommend 300 power supply and also does the beast have to be 8 pin as well for this type of gpu
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