Question Facebook marketplace-listings are not visible to others

Sep 1, 2019
Hello people

I m sorry if I m doing something wrong but I cant think anymore. For two days now I m trying to figure out what is happening

I have a lot of ads and have been using marketplace for 8 months but suddendly my listings are only visible to me.

Even though it says they are active and should be visible to others.
I tried to put ads from other two accounts and the same problem,

I also tried to put an add on my boyfriends account. It was visible for few hours and guess what... the same thing

Is anybody experiencing this problem?
Is there any way to fix it?

Thank you in advance
If this is an account issue, only FB support can resolve it.

It seems unlikely that this is a settings issue as I would assume you have changed nothing on your end. How did you determine that others can't see your listings?
Sep 1, 2019
I tried to find my listings through friends account
They are not there

If I share a link to my add with someone it says “this listing no longer exist”
Sep 1, 2019
Well i have around 150 ads and if facebook deleted them why am I seeing them?
Also I can click renew, edit
Everything looks normal except they are not visible to other

When I add new listing it is also the same
There is no message from FB saying something s wrong

I m selling phone cases, chargers
Nothing against policy
Sep 1, 2019
Yes Two days ago I reported them my problem but still nothing
I dont think they will ever answer
I even tried to add listing in different category and nothing changed

But funny thing
Today on my profile they wrote like “list your stuff because your friends are selling on marketplace” 😂😂😂

I m laughing but I dont feel like it
If anyone had this problem I would like to know how they fixed it
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