Facebook Real Name Policy: How It's Changing

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Mar 13, 2011
i go by an alias. not because im hiding but because i want to. my friends and family know who i am. the rest of the world doesnt need to...
zucker should remember google already tried this and it bit em in the ass. the same will happen with facebook.

so to me this will be another nail in it already well nailed coffin.
if they insist on forcing it on me then i will just go to another social network and carry on where i left off.


Feb 1, 2011
Zuckerberg is absolutely right: People who use fake names are the typical privacy fanatic types who DO have a lack of integrity and have a lot to hide. We live in an open society (at least in the Western World) where there really are no "marginalized" communities, only special interest self-identified groups who are *victimized* by other special-interest identifiable groups. all of whom desire to hide their identities to avoid being held accountable for their actions. The Internet is a virtualized public place. Just as you don't walk down the street in public wearing a mask unless you're a criminal or terrorist, you don't have a reason to hide your identity online, unless you have criminal intent or the desire to have criminal action in the future for which you don't want to held accountable. THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT REALLY LIKE FAKE NAMES ARE CRIMINALS AND TERRORISTS
Not open for further replies.
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