Far Cry 5 Takes Aim at American Cults and Militias

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Aug 12, 2016
If the determination that leads to the formation of citizen groups dedicated to their own self defense ever leaves us, we will be worse off. All that will be left are the helpless and hapless, and those who don't believe that their lives or their lifeways are worthy of defense.

When you see a militia and the media criticism of its members, ask yourself why each are the way they are. The militia exists out of a spirit of distrust of the government (let's face it, they've earned it) and the will to independence and self sufficiency. The media criticizes them because they represent the establishment, and are members of the in-group whose views and perspectives have been consistently pushed by government at the expense of others.

The specter of unjustified militia violence, particularly in the US, is merely a conjuration to induce fear and the calls for regulations and disarmament that often follow. The ideological foundation of most militias in the USA, however, doesn't actually jive with this perceived threat - they merely want to protect their way of life (that is, to abide by the Constitution and laws that comply with it) and be left alone by a society that is leaving behind both the Constitution and the pretense that laws must comply with it, and establishment that is more and more determined to enforce its views on others in the name of "freedom."


May 30, 2009
Muslims blowing things up, antifa attacking innocent people, leftists shouting down free speech, but let's go after the cultural midwest.

Makes sense if your goal is to insult your customer base.


May 27, 2017
So naturally, the "bad guys" are the ones who believe in faith, freedom and the right to bear arms (those clingers to bibles, guns and religion)...the very principal our country was founded upon. There are cults here, that's true. But they are small, inconsequential in numbers and won't last long when the government moves in (David Koresh in Waco). What I have issue with is from the video it appears Ubisoft intends to label mainstream Christians, and anyone who believes in the U.S. Constitution as a "cult."

And who are the "good guys" in this twisted plot? What group will be the savior that will annihilate the Christians; the believers in individual rights and the Constitution; and those who just want an America free from dictatorship? Will I have to play as an agent of a government that has finally fallen to an ideology that suppresses its people and will kill them rather than let them practice their faith in peace or let them have firearms to defend themselves? Or will it be like FC4 where no matter which side you choose the country goes to hell. No thanks.

I've played every Far Cry game there is up until now. How dare they choose to pervert and demonize the one group (and the largest, btw) in America who only wants to remain free from tyranny. I could never enjoy a game where I have to play a role in killing freedom-loving Americans. I'm just worried for all those who won't realize the game is intentionally perverting what those Americans believe and what they stand for. Since it appears that the only religious group being targeted in this game are Christians (crosses, churches, baptisms, etc) I can't help but wonder if the intent of this game is to train and desensitize young people into fearing, hating and killing Christians. I hope I'm wrong.

America has a real enemy (extreme Islamofacism) that has killed thousands of us on our own soil. They have openly declared war upon us and vowed to take over America and the world. They aren't just saying it, they are actively attempting it. Yet, Ubisoft chooses so-called "christians" as the crazy hostiles trying to take over? Such cowards. They know Christians won't be waiting in the parking lot to take off their heads or blow up their cars. Christians and/or those who believe in the Constitution, use guns to defend themselves, not take over the world or kill those who insult them or their God. Sorry Ubisoft, you are on the wrong side of this one and you won't be getting my money.
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