Feedback wanted on new laptop purchase: Diagnostic tests provided


Jul 12, 2013

I recently started this thread:

I decided to go ahead and buy the laptop, just to test it out.

It is a Lenovo W530 with an i7 3720 processor.

The laptop is running win7 Ultimate on what looks to be a fresh (out-of-date) install. I've installed nothing (except for the 2 software packages below) and have only updated the audio driver/s.

I used HD Tune and HWMonitor to run some diagnostics. Here are some screenshots:


Error Scan:

HDD health:



Everything seems okay, although I am concerned about 2 things.

1) I am getting a "Calibration Retry Count" warning. It gives a warning of "6 tries". I am worried that the HDD is messed up. I can hear the machine somewhat audibly (if everything around me is quiet) and I suspect that this might be the HDD making the noise.

I've also researched the calibration issue and (from a thread I found) I learnt that a low-level-format might fix it.

What do you guys think? Is the HDD giving up or headed towards there? I would consider swapping it out for something better, like an SSD, but I am not sure what to do (as it might not be broken).

2) The battery life. Although I only have a 9% wear level (I can live with it), the capacity says "75980mWh" for current capacity. The problem I have is that after charging the battery full, I get a "stated initial capacity" (based on what is said on the bottom-right of the win7 menu bar) of 3h 44 mins. Yet, when it drops to 98%, the battery now says 3h 12 mins. It keeps fluctuating downwards (jumping from 3h 12mins to 3h 4mins after 1 minute, and doing so repeatedly until 5/10% of charge-level) and isn't a true reflection of what a battery should do (or what I think it should do).

Is this a win7 issue (meaning, is win7 the battery drainer)? Is the battery faulty? (although the wear level says only 9% wear so far) ? What I hope isn't the issue, is the HDD problem (above) draining the battery life?

I also suspect that I may need to do some type of reset concerning the battery and system. Although I am unsure about this.


Lastly, what other good diagnostics could I run to see if I made the right purchase?

I am able to return the product, but I feel that apart from the HDD, this was a very good deal I got.

All feedback very appreciated!

PS. I am not sure if my images are clear enough or not. If they aren't, I will try re-uploading. Just let me know, thanks.


The images are too small, they didn't embed right or something.

Battery time is always going to flucuate. It takes a test opf the current usage and tries to estimate time on that. Open a web-browser that boosts the clock from say 1.3ghz up to 3ghz to load and starts to load 2 or 3 cores, even for 30s, is enough to draw a large power draw and change the remaining usage.


Jul 12, 2013

Would it be easier to see if I put the imgur URLs under the images?

I know people don't like clicking extra links, but the images are 1920x1080, so they may look bad here on Toms.
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