Firefox VPN: everything you need to know and how it compares to the rest


Apr 3, 2010
Having read the article about Mozilla VPN I still have no idea what it does, other than some sort of Web encryption, and some sort of overall "device protection". I'm not even sure I can ask sensible questions, but here goes anyway...

Who should use a VPN? Everyone, always, or just some people? Is it used only on personal computers, or also on servers? Does it apply in any way to email sending or receiving? Is it classed as an antivirus program? What are the configuration settings for it? Are there any user commands involved, or does it apply to all Internet operations implicitly? Does it apply to programs that access the Internet, or only to browsers? Once it is installed, does one register or login to it? Does it use a Windows Service? Does it run with user-level or system-level authorization? Can it be turned on and off? Which PHP server variables, if any, does it hide or obscure from seeing on remote servers? Exactly when and where does it encrypt and decrypt data? Does it use symmetric or asymmetric cryptography? Is the cryptography done in software only?