Question Flickering screen and replacement with non-original parts

Dec 25, 2019
The screen of my Inspiron 5447 Dell laptop started to flicker and malfunction recently. The image below shows what happens sometimes. If you check right above the "Dell" sign, there is a sort of screen cracking. The touchscreen function has stopped working a few years ago.

Some comments:

1 -Every now and then, the screen does not turn on at all when I turn the notebook on. Then, the notebook beeps twice.
2 - If I tap on the screen, open-and-close the lid with the notebook turned off and try again, eventually it will work ok. If I want to use the notebook, I have to keep it steady and don't move it.
3 -If I move the notebook (or mainly, the screen), the screen goes out.
4- I have the feeling that this open-and-close the lid process (described on 2) functions better if the battery is connected to the energy.
5- If Windows is booted and the screen goes out, I can get the screen to work again by going to stand by mode and returning from sleep mode. Eventually that won't work, so I do the process described on 2.
6- If Windows booted, the screen goes out and I plug an external monitor, it will work on the other screen normally.

I'm aware that it's hardware. I went to a technician and he said it's not my flat cable, but rather my screen. However, as it is a touchscreen, I can't find the original part here in Brazil. I can only find non-original (not manufactured by Dell). That is my question: is it possible to work with non-original parts? I've talked to some technicians and they said a non-original part probably won't function, but I may give it a try. What to you know about this? Would it work with a non-touchscreen?

It is a fine notebook, so I wouldn't like buying another one, altough can't be able to move it is quite a problem. I believe it's getting worse as it takes more time to make it work ok (again, doing the process in 2).

Thanks in advance
It sounds like either the cable that connects the display is damaged or loose (at either end), or your display is going bad. Either can cause this.

The cable that connects the display is going to have to be checked, which can only be done by opening up the device and looking for tears, burn marks, pinched sections, etc., on the cable itself. If there are none of those then disconnecting and reconnecting it at both ends would be next. Should that not work, then you would look at replacing the cable and finally replacing the display.

If the laptop is under warranty, don't do anything and just contact the manufacturer. If it isn't under warranty, then you can either do the work yourself, if you feel comfortable doing so, or take it to a local tech.
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