Question From G3 net10 Flip to G4 Bait And Switch Scam

Apr 8, 2022
As G3 has receeded with the tide options to replace the 'landline-like' simple operation mobile phones
are few if any.
This isn't a 'FOR SENIORS' or 'FOR KIDS' issue. Purely and simply a pull the rug out from under your
ability to make a call without any capitalist expansion charges.
I want to make a call PERIOD and hang up. No time for games. No patience for advertising. No on the road wifi
The LG I had for years @ ten cents a minute with no contract was quite similar to a landline. Is there
any alternative to dragging miles of phone cable down the road?


I am guessing that your issue is that your old phone is no longer compatible with new cellular technology and that you are looking for a simple current solution. Is that correct?