Question Galaxy A50

Mar 22, 2021
Samsung Galaxy A50, I was very happy with the cellphone until January 2021, where I began loosing phone service and internet connection, which I would only discover after leaving my house and tried to make a call or connect to the internet.
After contacting the local service provider where I was offered no solution, I called the service provider's customer service which did not help and they referred me to Samsung Service who sent me to a local cellphone repair location. There, I was told that there was nothing wrong with the phone, which I did not doubt, my complain was always with the service. Something happened at the beginning of January where my phone and its internet connection service began to give me problems. I mentioned that a software update done on January 5, 2021 which took a very long time, could have caused the problem, they said it was not possible. Finally, I complained to the FCC, within 48 hours I was contacted by the service provider, offered a replacement phone or $70 credit. Took the money offer and purchased a different brand cellphone, kept the same provider and so far I have not had any problems.

Was it the phone, was it that the switching to some 5G towers was faulty and had closed communication channels necessary for the Galaxy A50 to function properly???