Galaxy S9 vs. Galaxy S8: Go New or Save Money?

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Edward Marineves

Jul 7, 2013
Y'know, phones have already reached a level of performance where even a cheap phone basically does everything I need. I used to chase the top phones, and their upgrade cycle, but my current phone is an Amazon-themed Motorola G4 that I got for...what, $100? Pictures are fine, there's not an app I can't run, and I just flat out never worry that I'm gonna drop it and break it, or leave it in a cab, or whatever. It's a $100 phone! To buy a $1,000 phone that does a few things better seems insane to me. Does anyone really need face recognition? I can't push a button? For $900, I'll push a button.


Jan 4, 2018
Hi Ed - you're right, for you. I have had many situations where, enroute to a meeting somewhere, I had to edit content on a Powerpoint, Excel or Word document, then e-mail that newly updated item to the caller - who is still on the phone. That is 3 simultaneous sessions activating various parts of the phone I use. I can't afford the risks of dropped calls, phones that choke in the middle of document edits or are too consumed or busy to fire something out. It has to be able to perform under all these scenarios. Are all my days like that - no, but 3-4X a week I am in that situation. I buy for the busiest, worst case scenarios I have failed in before due to hardware bought that was not to spec, despite all the slick marketing. I invest against failures, not to the most reasonable option.

That said, I make recommendations to others regarding usage parameters, inclusive of worst case scenarios. Sometimes, they forgot to tell me things they had experienced, so they have a phone that might handle that anomalie under ideal conditions, but not always, under any condition. And you're right - price points for certain capabilities are always evolving, usually downward. My biggest challenge is keeping up with it, and reading early adopters' experiences with that specific device. That usually informs me best vs. the marketing pieces.

Feb 18, 2018
This article fails to address the most important feature set, security. Security is becoming more important and a differentiator between new models. The most important security element to me is the phone's access to monthly (at least) security updates. Will Samsung's new phone include direct OTA security updates, or require that retailing carriers to do it at a certain guaranteed frequency? For how long? By even writing about such features, manufacturers will have more reason to pay attention to them.
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