Question Galaxy Tab S2 (8") Recharges VERY Slowly

Nov 28, 2020
I have a 5 year old S2 that suddenly will not (exactly) recognize the USB connection. When plugged into a wall charger (or my laptop) it simply does not recognize that it is plugged in. I have changed cables and chargers, verified what I was using - it just does not (obviously) see that it is plugged in. Also my laptop does not see the mass storage and the battery indicator on the S2 shows that nothing is plugged in. Interestingly, it SLOWLY recharges (like 15% to 40 % ion 12 hours).

Also the only way to turn it on is to push and hold volume up and the power button. The power button itself will not turn on the device from a hard off state. And as best as I can tell I lose charge using the device while plugged in.

I have done a complete factory reset and this behavior is unchanged. Is there anything left before I assume that this is a hardware problem? At this point defective chargers/cables seems most unlikely.


Nov 28, 2020
This was unexpected. After about 12 hours of (almost) no charging, device would only turn on with a soft reset, etc... I had trouble waking it out of sleep mode. Did a long press on power and all of a sudden my charging icon reappeared! Now the charging rate is normal and the device will power on without doing a soft reset.

I lost a bunch of apps and have to decide if I want to try to continue to use the device (where I see no reason to believe with confidence that this issue will not reappear).

Like I said - did not expect that.

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