Question game lag on laptop while pluged in

Aug 2, 2020
i start to getting lag problem in every game while charging but before i was not facing this issue. i wonder whats wrong with my laptop now, help me someone.
for more information this problem started when i opened my laptop and also heatsink for clean its fan and then i closed base case and started to play game then i see its starting to lag after some seconds... but before its giving me high performance while charging.
a year ago i face this same problem on my laptop and then i dont know when this problem stopped automatically, but now again its started..
i think this problem pop up because i opened its heatshink and fix it without using thermal paste on my GPU & CPU..
suggest me anything.


Jul 7, 2020
As a working engineer for many years, our lab and production areas were VERY careful about ESD (static like when you walk across a carpet). We used grounded mats, grounded wrist straps and the labs even had grounded floors. Those precautions are still in place in industry, but are neglected by most home hobbyists. ESD damage can be very subtle and even create problems that don't show up until later. I have a grounded mat at home for my work. Sometime I get lazy and work at the kitchen table but if I do:
  • I never, ever touch components on the motherboard in this environment.
  • I handle the motherboard by the edges.
  • Plugging and un-plugging connectors is done with great care so I never contact an electrical connector.
  • Anything electronic I take out gets laid onto a piece of aluminum foil.
  • Don't clean the insides with a vacuum cleaner--especially with a brush attachment. It's safer to use a can of compressed air and hold the vacuum nearby to pick up the dust.
  • I avoid working in a dry environment unless I am on my grounded workbench with grounded mat and grounded wristband. Even then, I'm never working on carpet.
  • If I'm plugging in new RAM, I never touch the chips or circuit traces. Just the edges of the RAM. They are shipping in plastic containers, but the containers are special (conductive).
An ESD discharge of a few thousand volts can damage ICs and you will never feel it yourself. The shock you get sometimes when touching a doorknob is tens of thousands of volts. That you can feel.

I'm being kind of preachy, but I see so many post like "I took my computer apart and now something doesn't work". There are a lot of reasons besides ESD why this could happen but ESD is rarely mentioned. Often you can get away with not taking precautions, but not always. If you did "Zap" something, it's now broken. Sorry. Hope the cause is something else.
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