GameStop's Streaming Client Coming to Android

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May 14, 2010
Even Gamestop knows physical media is on it's way out for gaming, and they're sticking their foot into both future possibilities.

Taking on Steam? Well...they do have a better chance than most. They already have publisher deals for physical sales, and they can run cross promos between physical/digital approaches. They've also gotten the scorn out of a lot of hardcore gamers for their shady business practices over the years, I know given an equal choice, I'd buy from Steam before GameStop.

Taking on OnLive? Well that depends on who gets playability on Android first. Mobile is one of the few places where something like cloud gaming could be useful. Get a device with an HDMI out and open Bluetooth (or USB host), hook it up to your TV, pair up a Bluetooth Mouse/KB or controller, and game on. It's a lot better than buying OnLive's stupid "console" plug, I really don't know why they haven't done it already.


Jul 16, 2009
thats a up hill fight, they did give PC gamers the finger by not carrying enough or any of the titles in store. Its funny watching these companies try to franticly rebuilt all those bridges they burnt, if they did this when steam first came out (star dock was still there) then they would stand a chance against steam. as things stand... Ive come to like steam, its simple and easy to get what I want, rarely ever has any problems, and gives me the latest drivers for me video card :D (ati only i think)

as for streaming games to phones... it will need WIFI, that or a rock solid data connection (service fees got to love them) with the tele companies trying to kill of unlimited over there cell towers i don't see these features taking off. if they want to target desktop users, well theres already another company dedicated to pushing the same service which is used by 0 people I know. I don't think that numbers going to change any time soon.

all in all... this looks like a great strategy that they should of moved on yesteryear when there wasn't so much competition, here's hoping that they can overcome these issues, and make a rally good product... otherwise they just spent a buck load on a white elephant.


Jun 6, 2006
I don't know about you guys but I'm excited about this because my laptop is not fit for gaming and being able to stream to my laptop would be sweet! (Depending on how it works) This would allow me to play PS3 games at work! : )
I recently finished F.E.A.R. using modest graphics settings and that game is pretty old. That's about the best my laptop can do. (Intel i5 but it also has intel graphics)
To play FEAR 2 and some newer games I was thinking I could use OnLive but I don't like the Onlive game selection. The only game I've been thinking about trying through OnLive is Boarderlands.

I've already got the USB to PS2 controller and adapter, So bring on the console games! I'm interested to see how this works because if it only works over a network it would be pointless but if it works over the internet then I can start playing God of War 2 (on my PS3 collection disk) on my laptop while I'm at work!

Yes, I play games at work. I also watch movies and TV shows. It's a 12 hour shift job and the actual work only takes up about 2-6 hours but they absolutely MUST have someone on staff. Yes, my boss knows, infact he said we could use one of the 55" LCD TV's

So, like I said, this service will be great for me!
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