Gaming Laptop Advice

Slaet Gustave

Sep 5, 2013
Right now I have a 3 year old desktop and looking to get a laptop.
Current build:
8gb DDR3
500gb HD (10,000RPM)

The laptop I am looking for is for work / gaming. I have read a lot about "are you sure you want a gamin laptop" and I think I am going to just jump and try it out. I have always gamed on a desktop, but I always envy the portability of the laptop.

The games I play are CS:GO / Chivalry Medieval Warfare / MineCraft / Skyrim
Future games interested in:
Skyrim Online / New FPS / More games like chivalry (that game is so awesome!)

So are there any laptops that would support that at around 1500$?

Would there be a laptop that might support chivalry/CS:GO on low settings for less, and then just upgrade my desktop?

And one last thing... what do you think of Craigslist laptops?