Gaming Laptop and iPad or Non-Gaming Laptop and Desktop/Console?

Jan 2, 2019
I currently own an Alienware 13 R2 from 2015 w/a 5th gen intel i7, a gtx960m and 16gb of ram, a mid 2012 MacBook Pro, with an i5 and 16gb of ram, an iPad Pro 10.5 and Custom build desktop with an 8th gen i7, GTX1070, and 16gb of ram. All of these devices have ssd’s. I also have a PS4 slim. All that to say, that’s my current setup and now I’m looking at upgrading one of my laptops which are both sorely outdated. I didn’t have as many bills back then as I do now so I have to compromise some of these devices for my setup. With that’s said, should I upgrade the gaming laptop and use that as an all in one work-laptop and gaming device and use my iPad Pro as my on the go get-by device? Or should I upgrade my MacBook Pro and just stick with the desktop and PS4 for gaming? Also the reason why the MacBook is still a thing here is because I do a lot of music production and Final Cut Pro work. Also have an iPhone so it’s a convenient setup. My budget is about 1,500-2,000 for an upgrade. Just trying to budget all of my tech upgrades ahead of time.


Question from revolution9285 : "Gaming Laptop and iPad or Non-Gaming Laptop and Desktop/Console?"