Solved! Gaming Laptop Australia ($2000 +/-)


Oct 15, 2010
I'm looking for a gaming / general use laptop for around $2000 (AUD) - I can go over-budget by about 2-3 hundred, but closer is better.

Under 16" would be best, as I will be carrying the laptop around at school, but weight is not a huge problem as I am a boarder and so don't walk far to get there. For screen res, 1920 x 1080 would be nice but 1600 x 900 is acceptable depending on the other specs.

As I am a boarder a 'desktop replacement' would be good so that I can play games if I want to; my current laptop is school issue (we need our own for next year though) and is pretty terrible (Toshiba Portege M750). Current home desktop isn't great anyway (9800GT, E8400 @ stock) so I would probably use it a bit at home as well. Battery life is not a concern.

For gaming: I'd want to make use of the resolution the laptop is capable of, and I'd like to have it at decent graphics. I mainly play RPG and RTS games; basically I'd like to be able to play Mass Effect 2 and the like on high. I can accept gaming on lower resolutions than the max supported. Other uses would be mainly school work as well as a bit of photoshop, 3DS Max and programming.

Storage capacity isn't a huge concern but I'd like 500GB+. I'd like to keep the laptop for 3 years or so, likely till start of Uni. Bluray is a plus, not a necessity, and I won't need a BR writer in the foreseeable future.

No brand preference as long as the laptop itself is good. I'd like to have some warranty support and capacity for repair without too much inconvenience; as stated above I live in Australia.

I have looked at the Asus G53JW and am impressed - it is at the very top of my price range - but I would like to reserve judgment until it is released, as you'd expect. This would be a purchase made in late November / early December so I do have some time till then.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


Apr 28, 2010
I guess there is asus g73, Alienware M15x or 17X,
The new G73 has gtx 460, all the G7X are good ones, but personally i would go with a
G73 Jh coz it has a 5870 hehe
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