Gaming Laptop (hardcore) | Buying Guide


Mar 30, 2011
Hey guys,

I built my own desktop machine for >$1000 a couple years ago and it still runs everything I want at max settings smoothly (ssd boot, 1TB hdd, i5 2500k, 570geforce, 8gb ram - in need of upgrading for sure, but I'll cross that ivybridge later :p)

I'm looking to buy a ridiculous gaming laptop this holiday season and I want to make sure I avoid any kind of buyer's remorse about the price vs. the payoff. I realize that a laptop will never match an up to date homebrewed desktop, but I'm fine with it as long as I can play things like League of Legends or CoD or Titanfall or _insertMMOhere_ without any framerate drop or lag - even if I have to play on lowest settings. The laptop will be more about functionality than beauty. If I really want to see the max setting prettiness of a game, I'm happy doing that on my desktop. I just want a laptop that actually runs high-quality, real-time multiplayer games with the kind of precision and smoothness that I've become accustomed to on my desktop. I'd be willing to spend ~$2000 for something that is truly awesome that I won't regret. But I would LOVE to spend way less than that.

Also, I know that Newegg just started their "Black November" sale, so if any of these laptops coincide with sales that make the laptops especially tasty - that would be awesome.



Sep 10, 2013
The ASUS G750JX-DB71 on newegg is a nice looking build. Around $1800 for a beast of a laptop, but for $2300 you can get ASUS G750JH-DB71. But I prefer the first when looking at price.