Feb 20, 2018

I'm new to this, so I apologise in advance if I miss anything out!

I am looking to purchase a new laptop, mainly for gaming in the evenings. I currently have a Toshiba with an i3 3110M running at 2.4GHz which just has a standard integrated graphics card. I use it for World of Tanks, World of War ships and Total War Arena so of course I'm running the games at low settings with poor fps. So I'm looking to upgrade and I have found 2 different laptops at around £800. Can anyone please give their advice on which of these two would be better in terms of performance and durability for what I'm looking to use it for?

My concern is that the pavilions CPU will heat up and run at base GHz, due to lack of fans visible in comparison to the Omen?


Both have almost the same specs, the Pavilion has a more powerful i7-7700HQ CPU, but the Omen has a 128GB SSD. Both will handle WoW just fine. The HP Omen is sleeker, but it is also more difficult to upgrade because you actually have to peal off the rubber feet to get at some of the screws. While the Pavilion does not have a SSD you can always install one later.