Gaming laptop question


Apr 8, 2016
edit9999: ermm i think i just found a combination of both but cheaper from the same store? what? i mean it has you know all the same specs as all WITH a 17.3" ips screen AND the 1tb+128gb ssd memory, BUT ITS CHEAPER(than both)??? can i get an answer here aswell?(its called Asus Rog GL752VW-T4077T in case you want to know), the only difference is that the DH71 has like usb2.0,usb3.0 and usb3.1 while the t4077t has like usb2.0,usb3.0 and instead of usb3.1 it has a mini displayport which i dont really care
EXTRA QUESTION(s), are these 2 literally the same but the msi one is cheaper?
Asus GL552VW-CN335T from below with specs: (i7-6700HQ/16GB ram/1TB + 128GB/GeForce GTX 960M/FHD(1920x1080))
MSI GE62 Apache Pro (i7-6700HQ/16GB ram/1TB + 128GB/GeForce GTX 960M/FHD(1920x1080)),
actually the asus has a 15.6" IPS Panel Full HD screen while the msi doesn't have ips, so what the hell is ips, made some small research and i feel like 50% people say you need ips for gmaign cause quality colors but the other 50% says its bad because you will have lower fps? what?
and if anyone asks why changing laptop even if i am all right with this other than graphics and game limitation, welp it overheats ALOT and that's bad in games like dota2 and csgo so i need something not to overheat if i have a game+ts open at the same time

First i would like to get this out of the way: my English might be bad and if someone has the patience and time to actually correct my post i would actually be happy(no joke, i would actually like it) also age:19, country: Greece, and apparently i use a lot of parenthesis(es?)


So i've had this laptop for 7-8 years now and the last 2 years i did have some huge problems with it but i always got around them by myself(and google power), however i am just tired of that and i am tired of playing games(the ones i can't which aren't many) on low graphics, i am one of those people that are like: gameplay > graphics but come on now playing every game on he lowest graphics quality is just tiring, and i do need a new laptop[Now for the people that are gonna ask why laptop over a desktop for gaming, welp i don't really move with it generally but i move around the house with it A LOT even though i don't really move it outside(for now though because i am gonna start doing it later when i get in college) so i do need a laptop]. Right now i don't play many games because of the laptops power(generally dota2 and like 1-2hours a week for the past month of tf2 and like 5 comp games of csgo a week for the past month) however i had some issues irl the past 2-3 months so i kinda stopped playing dota2 and started csgo/tf2 cause they do take less time(proof),i got like a budget of 1350-1450euros for the laptop and i already bought new mouse(deathadder chroma)/mousepad(sphex, no more usb slots left)/headset few days ago(kraken 7.1 chroma), yeah they are all razer products but the headset was a gift from close friends so i just bought the mouse and the pad cause i liked how it looked(and the combination is actually is amazing so far), i did some research and i came down to these :

1) Asus Rog GL752VW-DH71 (i7-6700HQ/16GB ram/1TB/GeForce GTX 960M/FHD(1920x1080)), 1429 euros
2) Asus GL552VW-CN335T (i7-6700HQ/16GB ram/1TB + 128GB/GeForce GTX 960M/FHD(1920x1080)), 1466 euros

now the laptops are pretty much identical except that the GL752 is 17.3" with 1TB hdd, and the GL552 is 15.6" with 1TB hdd+128 GB ssd, i made my own crappy research on the screen size and the memory and i wasn't really happy with the results because apparently for the type of laptop i want the 17.3" screen is better(my question of, if both of the screens have a resolution of 1920x1080 but one is bigger is there gonna be a noticeable difference in quality?, you can call me stupid if that's not a legitimate question because i am not the best at such stuff) so i was like i am gonna get the GL752 but then i did some research on the memory and even though i don't even need the 1tb most people were suggesting 1tb hdd+128gb ssd over 2tb of hdd, i said i don't need most of it but assuming someone did,for gaming(again, i am not that good at it but why do people prefer 128gb ssd which isnt really that much, over 1more extra tb of hdd).Also there was another option in another store(for about 1500euros) that had pretty much the same specs but the resolution was 3840x2160, however i did read(again , crappy quality research) that such resolution monitor can't be supported by a gtx 960m and i would have low fps which would be bad. I kinda need a fast response cause i am not sure how long will the stores have the laptops in stock and to everyone that might say these are overpriced which IMO(i am not tech savvy) it kinda is but believe it or not those are the cheapest options i found for these laptops, like in other stores the gl552 was sold for 1750 euros and the gl752 wasn't even sold in other stores. Also am i right for calling my friend an idiot for telling me to screw all that and buy a Dell Alienware 15 R2 (i5-6300HQ/8GB/1TB/GeForce GTX 965M/FHD(1920x1080)) for 1575 euros(i thought so because less ram and worse processor, i do know however that i5 is just enough but i am planning on keeping this laptop for quite a few years and i plan on buying more games in the future).
TL;DR:So yeah my main question is do i get 15.6" with 1tb hdd+128gb ssd or 17.3" with 1tb hdd (considering i don't really need much memory and i apparently the 128gb of ssd is really good for gaming? and i would kinda prefer the bigger screen EVEN THOUGH i haven't really ''experienced'' it so idk at the end of the day) with the main specs being i7-6700HQ/16GB ram/GeForce GTX 960M/FHD(1920x1080), also i am open for other suggestions of maybe better/cheaper laptops that can last a few years however i will have to check prices in my pretty fucked up country.
Both have the same processor, GPU, and screen resolution. These are all that really matter for gaming. Get whichever one you like.


Sep 9, 2014
Personal choice at this point. Both have similar specs as noted above.

Do you want 128GB SSD? or do you want a bigger screen? 1080p/FHD will look good on both so you don't need to worry about quality.

SSD's in general are really fast. They boost your OS startup times and game loading times. It can also help you in file transfers. It's really helpful in games that take a long time to load on HDD's like BF4. I personally would suggest the 17" because you can always upgrade your HDD later on once you have saved up but its up to you.