Question Gateway laptop boot up issue

Oct 10, 2020
Hi yeah so recently I have run into a problem with my gateway laptop. When I try boot it up it never gets past the logo bit and I know of no way to fix it, it doesn't even give me any options to do anything. Any one got any fixes that might help?


Jul 7, 2020
Could be lots of reasons. That is unfortunately a very broad question. Here's what I would do if it happened to me. I am comfortable performing serious repairs on my laptop and you may not have the experience/tools to do that. If you are not comfortable, take the machine to a repair shop.
  1. Create a bootable USB repair drive. There are many our there (search on bootable usb windows repair tools). You will likely need to change the boot order to get the machine to boot from the USB. How you do that depends on the laptop. On mine, I can press F12 during startup and it will ask me what device I want to boot from. Yours will likely be different.
  2. If you can boot up the repair SW, you likely will have tools available now to check the system disk to see what the problem is. You may also have an opportunity to access your data files and now would be a good time to copy any files you don't have backed up (to another USB stick or external USB drive). This will only be possible if the repair software has the needed drivers.
  3. If you can't boot up the USB, it's time for the repair shop. If you send the machine in to the manufacturer, there is a good chance they will return it with the disk wiped of all your personal data and programs. I always open my laptop first (using good ESD (anti-static) precautions and remove and copy the system disk before I send the machine in. A local repair operation shouldn't require you to do this but discuss it with them!!
This is just a start but you need to provide more information.
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