Gateway NV53a75u randomly shutting off


Oct 3, 2013
Computer geniuses of the internet,

I have a Gateway NV53a75u laptop that sat for around year because I did not have an ac adapter. I finally got one last night , plugged it in, and all seemed fine. Laptop was on for a couple hours but when we tried to turn it on again later, it would not come on at all. So today, I finally did get it to turn on again, but the screen was just staying black. You could tell the computer was running, you could hear windows start, but no screen. Then, after about 10 minutes it would just shut off. After shutting off, it will not turn on again immediately. I push the power button until blue in the face but nothing. If I wait a while, maybe 30 minutes, it will usually turn on again. But the same thing happens. After about 10 minutes it shuts off. The last time I got it to turn on, the screen actually came on and was working. But again, 10 minutes pass and it shuts off. Any ideas? I've tried pulling the battery and doing the hard reset, but that doesn't seem to do anything. It may also be of note that when I pull the battery and try to run it strictly off the ac adapter, I get nothing. No led lights or anything. But when the battery is in and the ac adapter is plugged in, the charging light is on. I'm not sure how and if the shutting off issue and the screen issue are related, but it's just odd because it was working fine at first. Any guidance would be much appreciated.