Getting My First Macbook. Which one to get?


Feb 12, 2015
Hi All

I'm planning to get my first MacBook but I can't decide which model to get. I'm currently looking at MacBook Air 13" & Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display 13".

I've been reading a lot of reviews and both models received good ones. So I guess it comes down to my personal preference. Here are the things I'll be using it for.
1. Internet Browsing
2. Type up Documents
3. Programming
4. Video editing (just for personal, hobby)
5. Watch Movies on iTunes

I personally think that MacBook Air is just right for me. But something from MacBook Pro is interfering my decision.
1. Retina Display on Pro instead Air. I was comparing both the display side by side and I can see a very clear difference. I really love sharp displays but is it worth it to spend extra money just for that? I mean its not like Air's display is so bad.

2. 1.6GHz vs 2.7Ghz Core i5. Does this make a big difference for my everyday task?

1) Some people care, some don't. Personally, I like really high pixel pitches and would go for the Pro, although it is heavier. In my opinion 13" is a bit small for programming, but then again I'm 56 years old. Younger folks may be able to work on less real estate.

So it's a personal choice. IMHO, if you like the Retina Display, and you'll be looking at it for hours a day, but the Pro.
Your usage are nothing heavy. Programming probably want some screen real estate, you will have multiple panes open going back and forth, often it's good the panes to be side-by-side, but then you may end up using external monitor(s) for the task. Even with a low pixel count Air, it will adapt to your high-res external monitor. It's my opinion a hi-res retina display really does little other than looking prettier, than do real work on a 25" monitor.

More ghz let you encode video faster, but depends how often you do this right.