Gift Guide for the Photographer


Feb 28, 2016

The art of giving isn't always a snap, and that is certainly true when finding the perfect gift for the photographer in your life. Photographers have an eye for the best, so you can't stuff any old gift into their stocking. The gifts below are sure to make any photographer's eyes light up.

Tamrac Anvil Photography Backpack - $159.35

Anvil was designed from the ground up using over 10 different optimized foams for the perfect balance of weight and protection. Anvil packs are tough but light, thanks to the engineered materials. They feature a large main compartment designed to carry multiple pro-size DSLR bodies with lenses attached along with a full range of lenses, flashes and accessories.

Hapsurs Shutter Remote - $6.69

This Bluetooth remote is easy to set up and is wireless. It allows you to take picture-perfect photos even if you don't have your camera handy.

Magnum Contact Sheets - $28.33

Learn from the masters by studying their contact sheets. This paperback edition presents a remarkable selection of contact sheets that let you learn and understand how photographers capture and edit the very best shots.

Samsung T5 Portable SSD 250GB - $119.99

One the fastest external storage platforms on the market, and in a stylish and minimal package to boot! If your household IT manager needs their data at all times and needs it fast, this is the perfect drive for their needs. The lack of moving parts means your data will be secure and less prone to crashes or drive failures.

We’ve shown you ours, now show us yours!

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