Great deal on a gamer laptop!!! 17 Inch screen


Aug 10, 2006
I would wait until the next one comes out.
Thats actually exactly what I'm doing :lol:

However, I am still debating whether I should wait for the santa rosa platform and 800MHz FSB. I'd rather use a laptop for school but I can survive on my desktop for now.


Mar 13, 2006
well let me tell you thats what I did and man did I get a deal.. I am very happy with the laptop. Just got my free "skin" and it really adds to the look of the pc... :lol:


Mar 13, 2006
BTW Had a Lan Party this past weekend with 15 people. Used the Laptop ALL NIGHT with NO ISSUES! Man this thing rocks!


Feb 3, 2006
Oh please... Tom's Hardware doesn't even know I exist!

Your conspiracy theory "deleted posts" are right here genius:
On DELL's teet #1And you're extoling the virtues of the "deal" you got and all about the coupons, and you are slaped down by this guy...
unfortunately, if you observe this thread you can see th 750 offs are gone now and dell has scaled back on its deals (20% off 999+ is a "simpler" pricing method and, according to dell, they "listened to their customers"
Second post on same topic Where you state you posted it twice:
Please dont delete this post I have posted this twice and to the best of my knowledge have not violated any rules. So what is the deal? I can express my experience and opinion right???
Then later you say:
You know its funny I posted this like 3 times earlier and every post was deleted with no notice or reason why.
You plastered it all over this thread.And your ultimate gaming machine can't (or barely) runs DX9 in your own post:
I have Call of Duty 2 all settings maxed ( I Cut off DX9 I think it runs like crap on any pc)
Then you're going to overclock a video card in your brand new DELL and void the warranty:
If I wanted I could clock it higher and get around 8000 3dMarks but right now dont need to
and this one... Where you got 6,400 3DMarks BTW, but you're putting down a system that gets 2,000 more than that.
Oh and in 3dMark05 I get 6400 score which isnt to bad...
And you bump a 2 month old thread to again tell us nothing more than to get a DELL with a coupon that doesn't exist and the 7900 GS with 256 MB is equal to a 7900 GTX with 512 MB. At NO POINT is anyone else able to recreate this deal, you have provided NO coupons and simply keep stating over and over to get it... that which can not be gotten.

And of course, how can we forget the now INFAMOUS thread where you first started to give us your sagely posts of
I bought a E1705 and Paid only 1400$$$
Which is the crux of your knowledge.
You did mention your desktop:
I have a desktop system that I built 9 months ago and spent $2500 or so. All top of the line. It gets 8900 3dMarks
And the real funny part, is how in all your posts your notebook is the absolute match for my Executioner, (but you have to turn it down to DX7) and you state in this thread:
Its just like playing a game with a card that supports up to DX8 the game lowers the features to match the capabilities of the graphics card.
You aren't even running DX8 skinny! It says so right in your other post!

Then after you keep ripping 2,000 and over gaming systems I have to litterally pound you into submission by showing you know almost nothing about computers... Then suddenly you're getting almost 9,000 3DMarks from your DELL,
3DMark Score 8985 3DMarks
amazingly MORE than these guys who are overclocking the snot out of them (and know what they are doing) over at the Overclocking the 7900 GS forum

So I guess the morals of the story are:
1. There is no conspiracy against you, or your posts.
2. You got the ULTIMATE notebook deal at $1400.
3. You have the GREATEST 7900 GS NOTEBOOK IN THE WORLD that can outperform overclocked systems... right out of the box from DELL.
4. You know volumes about notebook computers.
5. No one should consider ANYTHING other than the DELL Inspiron 1705. Anyone who does is a fool.

At this time, Killer Notebooks, and everyone at the Tom's Hardware forum would like to present you with this trophy, for your diligent and never ending servitude to "the man..."
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