Great home cinema setup


Jan 21, 2015
hi guys,

im building my new house and i want to prepare for creating a super Home cinema setup so i can enjoy watching movies and series.

What do i want

i want it to be possible to watch anything everywhere in my house. So all my tvs will be connected in the lan network.
in my living room their is going to be a 4k tv with a dolby atmos set connected to it.

what do i need?

What do i need to get this all setup ? that is the question actually.

1. a TV ofcource with 4k and network
2. my dolby atmos speakers
3. Do i need a media player to stream this media ?
4. Do i need a NAS with plex on it or will the media player be enough ?

im not really clear on how im gonna get this all setup and which hardware i all need.

anybody experience with the dolby atmos 4k home cinema setup ?

If you need more details, please shoot.


If you want this to really work the way you want it to, go to an A/V place and have them do the setup. You will need a lot of cabling and central rack setup to do this. "anything anywhere" will not be cheap or easy. Basically you are setting up a corporate auditorium setup with wall jacks for video inputs/outputs, networking through the house, central audio/video splitters, etc... Cost will be in the range of a new car.
Depends on what you mean by "anything"?
If you are going to use cable boxes, a roof antenna, BD player, and/or streamers how you set it up changes.
For instance if you have 8 TVs but only need to watch on cable 3 of them at the same time you could use 3 cable boxes, instead of 8, and a matrix HDMI switcher so you could route those 3 boxes plus any other sources to the 8 TVs. some cable companies have multiroom set ups available.
Since streamers are cheap it's often simpler to just use one for each TV and not need long HDMI runs back to an expensive HDMI selector.
If you use Android streamers you could use PLEX.
On the main TV you would want a real AVR and speakers (these could be in wall and in ceiling). You would need to run the speaker wires before the sheetrock goes up.
If you are using a builder they will usually have an AV installer they work with. You can tell them what you want and your budget and they can design the set up for you. Beware of electricians. Some aren't bad but they rarely are up to date. Some will mess you up big time.


Jan 21, 2015
Ok i'll try to trim it down some more and give more info

My TV will be a basic smart tv nothing to fancy :


The dolby atmos speaker set will be also pretty straight forward :

Dolby set

But im not sure regarding the NAS or the Media streamer.
Do i need them both ? or can i just install Plex on the smart tv an connect it in the network with the NAS
it must all support Dolby Atmos.

Then there will be another Tv In the bedroom also pretty straight forward (no atmos or nothing) and i want Plex to run here also an be able to play my media.

Im not gonna use any fancy BD player or antenna or cable... i dont need that stuff. just movies and series trough my network

Actually these days, people are slowly moving toward all online, have a good Internet service and get all your contents from Amazon, Netflix blah-blah on demand, rather than collecting locally yourself.

But OK assuming u still want to do collecting. Ideally you will have a closet near your main viewing area where you will house this NAS, streamer, amps everything, and from this closet run all your cables to all the rooms that need it.

So at this point in the game, u just want to plan where everything will be and have the cabling guy run all the cables necessary from the closet to the end points. An AV specialist will be able to add values such as "I know you didn't tell me, but will you be doing this and that because if you do we need to wire for it now."


Although you picked a best answer, I would recommend you do some research on "structured wiring" for low voltage and "home run" wiring. Those are the keys to implementing a home network that can handle anything. Build a good home run infrastructure and you can handle anything.


Jan 21, 2015

allright man thank you for the headsup
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