Solved! Guys I'm down to these 3, urgently need advise.

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TBH, the differences aren't that much and are obvious.

The Dell has the better hardware. Mostly the same as the MSI, but with the 4gb 1050ti. It also 'only' has a 15.6 screen. However it's 1080p, Even though the MSI has a 17" screen it's still the same resolution. The MSI does have anti-glare which might be relevant to you, but as I've said the Dell is the better option.

If you are willing to shell out a few more quid you could get this ...


Aug 8, 2008

Well, game dependant, the extra performance of the 1060 over the 1050ti is anywhere from 20-35%. That may translate to an increase in FPS, and the extra 2gbs of vram comes in handy at that res, specially for newer games.

With the 1060 you would have enough grunt to drive nearly every game out there at Veryhigh/Ulta settings and still get a smooth 60fps (limited by the hz of the monitor)