Solved! Hard drive is dead data lost and have no back up/installation disc for my dell 15 inspiron n5030

Nov 2, 2018
I was in the process of doing an overnight back up to recalibrate my laptop from 32 bit to 64 bit
So I could enjoy 64 bit app.
My hdd ceased and has the top head missing it seems...anyhow tho the plates look good I have bad clicks n alert with black screen telling me drive not found try reseating.
I dont have important data so I dont care to pay a small fortune fo a data recovery service...
I just want to know how I get my old laptop up n running again once I get a replacement hard drive or ssd



Apr 4, 2018
His laptop came with Windows 7 (sounds like 32bit) so I don't know if using a Windows 10 iso will validate. I had to order install disks directly from Dell about 10 years ago for someone who had the same exact problem as you. I think they charged $10 for the disks. (10 yrs ago)
Nov 2, 2018
Hi in reply I can purchase instalion disc from dell I believe this is one solution of three that ive come by upto now other two are purchase a retail operating system or switch to a free operating system such as linux.... also in reply im on * was on Windows 7 32 bit ... thanks for replying
Nov 2, 2018

Nov 2, 2018
Sorry first time using this I cant seem to figure why I cant reply ?
Anyhow im still stuck with dead hard drive I dont have access to another pc dell dont have os on site to download anymore so require me to purchase a cd tho from tutorials ive seen of this process you need another pc to download drivers to get the network card running again.
Looks like my only option atm is to buy another working pc trouble is Im on low income :( was hoping this would do me another year any advice on what would be a good secondhand laptop to look out for ?
windows 10 you can use it now and it wont expire if you dont have a key for it. if your laptop has windows 7 key on it. you can download windows 7 from microsoft and use there free usb to iso tool to make a new bottable usb stick. or use your windows 7 key whe nwindows 10 installer asks for a key you use your windows 7 key. if you need a pc look for ups or fedx store they have pc you can use for a small payment.
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