News HBO Max could be dead — Discovery Plus rumored to take over

Aug 4, 2022
Well, this is one of the worst rumours I've heard about streaming services in a while. And it's not like there's that much good news out there to begin with.

I do hope that whichever way they go in terms of the main app (hbo max or discovery) they won't cut funds for the hbo content. Cause I can stomach having to go through the discovery app if there's a dedicated and well funded hbo tab.

However, if I'm going to have to pay more for a service I don't want, with all the "unscripted" ireality TV shows, and also get less of the content I do like then I'm probably gonna buy myself a bottle of rum and take the high seas ;) I'll figure out a different way to support my favourite shows (buying merch or something of the sorts).


Feb 8, 2016
HBO Max is the best streaming service, both for its top-level programming and for its included channels, most notably TCM. I would really HATE for this to change and I hope that this "rumor" is FUD as I believe it to be.

Moose and Squirrel

Mar 12, 2022
I have had an annual sub to HBO Max for 11.2 months now, and the impending Discovery content merger looked to blow a little fresh content light into it, since I haven't found much to watch on it lately.

The first 9-10 months there was regular content that interested me. But the last handful of "blockbusters" wasn't terribly great. I never finished F9, Dune, Batman or the Matrix reboot. Horrible writing.

I would have continued if I could have delved into Discovery's Food Network offerings and Jeremy Wade's fishing trips.

I remember a company I worked for that tied itself up in knots over branding and what they were going to call things, with entire projects scrapped because one person refused to go along with what it was called.

Shame about that, HBO. That company plowed under not long after.

The only people who care about anything around this want fewer interfaces, fewer services, and better, more persistent content. This is a big step backwards for customers, and two big steps back for HBO.

I'll drop it at the end of the month, and I won't be going Annual again for the time being. I'll pick it up for a month once a year and catch up.
Aug 4, 2022
I think this is orchestrated to break away from everyone who is grandfathered in a "get free HBO Max deal". Create a new service and you can end all previous agreements.